Project Description

Porter Consulting was responsible for managing the conversion of the Continuing Care Center to a 24-bed Acute Medical-Surgical unit. The renovation was planned to address the acute bed capacity issues that resulted from the demolition of the hospital’s East Wing. Once the New Heart Center was completed; and to bring the campus to meet the seismic requirements set forth by the City of Sacramento, Mercy General Hospital was required to demolish the East Wing of the campus. Porter Consulting oversaw the design and complicated effort to separate the South Wing from the East Wing, In order to accomplish this, the cafeteria and other functions that were currently residing in the East Wing were relocated throughout the campus and stairs constructed between the two structures to accommodate the exiting requirements of the facility. Once the stairs are completed, the East Wing will be demolished and a parking lot will be constructed where it currently stands. Project is scheduled for completion in 2016.


Client: Dignity Health
Location: Sacramento
Year Completed: In Progress
Architect: HY Architects